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property management company in Phoenix, AZ

Unrivaled Hands-Off Management in Greater Phoenix

S7reams, the leading vacation rental management company in Scottsdale, takes care of every facet of managing your vacation rental. From guest services and property maintenance to financial reporting and regulatory compliance, our all-inclusive service means you can truly sit back, relax, and look forward to your monthly revenue without any hassle or stress. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we’re here to ensure your investment journey is as seamless as possible.

Comprehensive Property Inventory

At S7reams, we understand the importance of a well-stocked property for ensuring a seamless guest experience. As a small monthly fee, we ensure that your property is furnished with a wide array of items and amenities that your guests might require during their stay. From essentials like paper towels, coffee/tea, toilet paper, soaps, dish/laundry pods, we’ve got everything covered.

property management company in Phoenix, AZ
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Clarity in Property Ownership: Monthly Financial Statements for Informed Decisions

We provide comprehensive monthly financial statements. These detailed reports offer a clear and concise view of your property’s financial standing, with insights into revenue, expenses, and net income.

Beyond Maintenance: S7reams' Commitment to Superior Property Care

Our dedicated team manages your property with keen attention to detail. We place a high emphasis on quality, carefully vetting and selecting guests to ensure that your property is in responsible hands. Every property under our care is treated with the same diligence and respect as if it were our own. We align our efforts with the objective of providing a superior guest experience while ensuring a steady, lucrative income stream for you.

Cleaning Service
property management company
property management company in Phoenix, AZ

Real Estate Services

We’ll assist you with your home buying and selling needs from start to finish.

Renovations / Additions

We offer new developments along with being able to renovate/ build


Most Asked Questions

Will I have to worry about taxes?

Airbnb remits taxes on the owner’s behalf, and for any other platform that your property is booked through, we remit taxes on your behalf through these platforms.

We install a smart lock on each home that can be opened with a code that we will send to you, and that code changes with every new guest for security purposes.

S7reams provides their owners with a break down all of the costs associated with your property each month.

S7reams handles all claims and property damages through airbnb insurance which covers up to a million dollars in insurance.

With Handy men, General contractors and top interior designers on board, property fixes, designs or transformations are just a call away. From Big projects to small changes we can handle it all.